[Guest Post] 5 Tips for More Than “Just the Tip” on Tinder

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While talking with my friend last week I shared how I retired my Tinder account out of frustration and to my surprise she said that she’s actually met some nice, decent guys from Tinder.

“What?! How?!” I said shocked.

Apparently, I’ve been going about this all wrong so thankfully my friend agreed to share her tips with us so this post is written by my dear friend Cassidy and author of the blog, Don’t Call Me Mom.

Tinder is known as the hookup app. Even people that aren’t on Tinder know its reputation for f*ck boy messages and swiping your way towards shameful sex. But I’ve come across some couples that are in happy, healthy, and committed relationships that, you guessed it… met on Tinder.

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Be Smart, Be Safe: Tips to Date Safely Online

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FYI – Shit’s about to get heavy.

Recently a friend thanked me for writing my blog as it has inspired her to get back out there. She told me how she resurrected her Tinder and Bumble accounts and even had her first date.  I was suddenly hit with a mix of emotions – half excitement for her while the other half was glad she was safe.  I felt this pang of worry as my friend met total strangers and the burden of responsibility suddenly settled heavily on my shoulders.

Listen I know dating can be fun. Meeting someone for the first time is exciting, the feeling of butterflies as you discover similar passions and interests, but it can also be scary as hell.  Not just scary, as in putting yourself out there emotionally, but scary as in I may be chopped into pieces and stuffed into someone’s freezer Hannibal-style scary.

Really Jessica?  Hannibal style scary?  Aren’t we being a tad dramatic?

Not even a little bit.

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